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    17 Instagrammable Travel Spots Twentysomethings Can Actually Afford To Visit

    Get your iPhone ready!

    1. Budapest, Hungary

    2. Drakensberg, South Africa

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    Lodging: This area is perfect for camping enthusiasts. You can book a campground site for less than $10. If you'd rather stay in a lodge, you can have your own private room from under $80.

    Food: Grab some breakfast at the Valley Bakery for under $5. For lunch or dinner, grab some trout, kudu fillet, or springbok carpaccio for around $10.

    Attractions: Visit Cathedral Peak, Gudu Falls, and Amphitheatre Rim, each of which will cost you less than $10 for admission.

    Transportation: To get from park to park, you'll probably have to book a caravan. The conversion rate between the rand and USD is very favorable right now ($1 = 0.08 rand), so it's very affordable to get around.

    3. Vientiane, Laos

    4. Prague, Czech Republic

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    Lodging: You can stay in a shared room in a hostel for around $12-18 or get a private room for $40-70. Additionally, hotels and rental apartments can be found for as low as $50.

    Food: For about $5 you can get a café breakfast of bread, jam, honey, bacon, cheese, yogurt, and fruit. Other options include traditional goulash for around $5 or a street sausage for about $2.75. A pint of beer should only cost you around $1-2.

    Attractions: Prague offers free walking tours. The city itself has beautiful Gothic architecture, which makes it super easy to snap an Insta-worthy shot. Don't forget to visit Prague Castle. If you're a student, don't forget to show them your student ID for a discount.

    Transportation: There are many trains, subways, and buses in the city, making getting around very easy. A 24-hour public transportation pass around the city is only $5.15.

    5. Lisbon, Portugal

    6. Boracay, Philippines

    Sokirlov / Getty Images / Via

    Lodging: Stay in the cheaper, less crowded area of the island, Boat Station 3, where you can book a room at a three-star hotel for around $95 or a two-star hotel for around $75.

    Food: For food, stick to inland restaurants rather than beach spots to save money. For lunch, enjoy the local cuisine rather than fast-food options for around $6. For dinner, you can try for a beach buffet for under $15.

    Attractions: It's very popular for people to get a massage on the beach. You can snag one of your own for under $10. If you want to get off the island, take a snorkeling or fishing boat tour for a couple of hours for $5-15.

    Transportation: Take a tuk-tuk around town for just over $1.

    7. Athens, Greece

    8. Krakow, Poland

    9. Willemstad, Curacao

    10. Lima, Peru

    11. Los Cabos, Mexico

    12. Denpasar, Indonesia

    13. Berlin, Germany

    14. Phuket, Thailand

    15. Sipadan, Malaysia

    16. Pokhara, Nepal

    17. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Prices for lodging are per night, and prices for attractions are per adult unless noted otherwise.


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