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15 Times "Deadpool" Broke Superhero Movie Rules

See: pretty much the entire movie.

1. For a start, Deadpool has been running his own marketing campaign.

2. And he's not above pointing out his assets to get some of your sweet, sweet cash.

3. He points out the clichés in his own movie.

4. Giving you the insider angle...

5. ...and ruining the magic, a little.

6. Even the cast is introduced by their character clichés, including "a British villain" and…

7. He says what we're all thinking.

8. And you'd probably never hear Captain America say this:

9. He tends to get distracted pretty easily.

10. He's a bit more...inventive with his fighting style...

11. ...and sometimes even graceful.

12. We'll give you one guess to figure out what his product, Deadpole, is for.

13. In fact, he tends to mention Deadpoles (ahem) quite a lot.

14. Like, seriously a lot.

15. So, like we said:

Oh, you're still here? Better tell you to check out Deadpool on Blu-ray. It's out on 13 June, and you really should buy it.