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We Got Americans To Guess Australian Sport Sayings

Australians love sport so much, we speak it fluently. That's what makes us a FOXSPORTING Nation.

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Ben A: That one guy on the opposing team who just won’t stop touching you.

Casey: An athlete who accepts bribes.

Emily: When you get food on your bat or stick or whatever.

Natalie: Someone dripped suncream on the wicket like a moron.

Actual meaning: To describe difficult circumstances. Originally from cricket to describe the troubles of dealing with a damp pitch.

Dan: When you take a fast ball to the nads.

Emily: When a ball hits your foot, and you have to get it amputated.

Natalie: When you accidentally smack your face with the bat rather than the ball.

Ben A: When you’re the one who’s meant to be keeping score, but the game got really boring, and you forgot.

Actual meaning: To refer to dismissing a batsman by taking their stumps or the end-of-day's play: "Umpire's called stumps." Plus when you just have no clue what's going on.

Emily: When the sprinklers come on during the game and everyone takes an unplanned but welcome break.

Ben A: When you spit like the one out of your nose otherwise known as snotrocket.

Kirk: Where you hit the ball so hard it explodes.

Dan: Someone who’s weak and lacks substance.

Actual meaning: When your coach or captain gives you an epic halftime speech referring to either why you're doing so well or so poorly.

Casey: When you get injured during play but keep holding on to the ball. Then lie down on the ground and pass the ball to someone else until the ambulance can come get you.

Emily: Australians are tougher than Americans, so when you get injured during gameplay.

Kirk: A rugby term where a player tries to pass the ball, but his arm has been broken.

Actual meaning: When someone sets you up with a bad pass or bad situation.

Dan: Wobbly. Someone who’s on the verge of bottling it. "LOOKING A BIT SPECKY THERE, MITCH! "

Ben A: Team member who hates wearing shorts because of their chicken legs.

Casey: Someone who’s being disrespectful/not a team player. “Hey, Edwin! Suck it up, take the bench, and stop being a goddamn specky!”

Natalie: Code for beer disguised to look like a sports drink. “Hey, Mark, mind grabbing me a specky, mate?" *WINK WINK*

Actual meaning: A spectacular mark taken in footy, usually a hanger and off the back of an opposing player.

Ben A: The person who gets hit with the ball every game and always makes a huge deal out of it, rolling on the floor screaming like a petulant child.

Jo: An athlete so absolutely jinxed that you can’t help but scream in frustration every time he screws up the game for everyone else.

Dan: Someone who scores whatever the equivalent of a good goal is in whatever Aussie Rules is supposed to be.

Emily: When the ball flies by super fast right next to your ear, and you let out a little yip.

Actual meaning: An amazing mark or catch of the ball in footy and cricket.

Dan: The fun refs mascot that all the kids love, hurl insults at, like DRONGO. (I’m nailing this.)

Casey: What the experts call fans who, while watching games and matches from their phones, make lofty statements about plays that were made IRL — as if they know what it’s like to be a real ref.

Natalie: A guy who sits and watches the game on a TV...two weeks after the match finishes. DUH that was obvious.

Actual meaning: Also a third umpire. Refs in charge of making calls for tries or wickets when actual refs have no clue what happened. Or need some more confirmation.

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You've got to love our unique sporting language. It's why we're a FOXSPORTING Nation.