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6 Cities And Their Fan Base Strength Charts

Nothing defines a city quite like their sports fan base. Fans are the most exciting and unique part of the sports experience. FOX Sports 1 aims to capture the excitement of every fan and bring it to all their sports coverage. Tune in to FOX Sports 1 August 17th to see for yourself.

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The city that never sleeps also never rests in the sports department. New York has at least two teams for every sport, probably because they have to share so much with parts of New Jersey. Also, at least one of those teams is usually good and wins championships, which means a lot of businesses with box seats, fair-weather fans, and a lot of in-state rivalry. Some of it is very one-sided, though.


Boston takes their sports very seriously. That's not to say that other cities don't, but other cities don't throw things at people wearing the colors of the opposing team. Boston fans are fiercely loyal, even through the many years of the famous Curse of the Bambino. Here it is important to know if "wicked" is an adjective or an adverb. Do you know?


LA doesn't have its own football team, so it makes up for it by putting all its eggs in one basket(ball). Tons of celebrity fans means a high-profile arena, and a team that most others are gunning for, whether they deserve it or not. Don't forget they also have baseball and, yes, even hockey. That team has been pretty good lately, to be honest.


Although their basketball team was a dynasty at one point, with the world's most famous athlete, Chicago suffers one of the worst curses in baseball, the Curse of the Billygoat. At least they've got that midwestern flair for cold weather, and some cool rappers to rep their colors.


Philadelphia is known for having very passionate fans, that is, fans who will demonstrate how they feel about just about everything by throwing things at you, your friend, your friend's friend, or that Santa impersonator. The city is home to some very old and revered teams, and thus, emotional ties run deep. They always seem to lose in the president's inaugural year, for some reason, despite being the birthplace of America.


Miami managed a spot on this list due to their recent luck with basketball, despite having too many mustaches in their football franchises and a freshly rebranded baseball club. It's hard to deny their hot teams are red-hot at the moment, even if the city is mostly known for nightclubs and fictional serial killers, not their day-glo colored sports.

Get ready for world domination.

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