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14 Fans Who Can't Even Handle It Right Now

The buzzer beater. The walk-off homer. The last second comeback. You know the feeling. FOX Sports 1 is coming August 17th, and it's going to bring every second of insane sports action to the fans. Tune in and see if you can handle it.

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1. This kid, who was so excited by that pass he passed his hand into his face.

2. This guy, who takes his penalty kicks VERY seriously.

3. They call this dance the "strikeout shake," probably.

4. You know the thing where the guy goes completely horizontal and kicks the ball and it goes in the goal? Does that have a name? This guy doesn't care right now.

5. This guy doesn't care either. BUCKET.

6. That serve is not going over well with this guy.

7. This guy is so excited about that walk-off homer that he's got his own bat for celebrating. Security looks nervous.

8. They do this for every slap shot.

9. This kid can barely handle that monster jam that basically knocked the other guy to the floor.

10. Three. Mother. Effin. Points. Son.

11. Nothing says we just scored quite like having a moose attached to your face.


12. Or a giant inflatable orange body suit.

13. Sometimes a score is so epic, you forget about your synchronized dance moves.

14. And sometimes a score is so epic, you can't even exist.

Get ready for world domination.