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10 Sports Opinions You Need To Hear Right Now

Twitter isn't necessarily the best place to get your sports commentary, but it sure is fun. FOX Sports 1 is coming August 17th, and it's going to bring some fun, coherent commentary to the fans. Tune in.

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1. Blasphemous discussion of the pantheon of sports cinema:

Via Twitter: @Brennymase10

2. A philosophical analysis of the competitive spirit:


3. A solid look at the varying difficulties of various disciplines:

Via Twitter: @danrubin

4. A thorough critique of the conversation surrounding professional basketball trades.

Via Twitter: @WhyYouSoUgly

5. Or baseball and lacrosse.

Via Twitter: @ravennatalie

6. A thoughtful comparison of two sports:

Via Twitter: @pems20

7. More deep thoughts about time management on the court:

Via Twitter: @27CansOfTuna

8. A fair suggestion for improvement:

Via Twitter: @lizziecamp

9. An apt comparison, when you think about it:

10. And the most elaborate metaphor ever presented about sports:

Via Twitter: @nonsensetwit

Get ready for world domination.