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21 Reasons Why We'd Let Josh Peck Father Our Children

Josh Peck: America's Sweet-hunk. Watch him take on fatherhood in Fox's new series Grandfathered every Tuesday starting September 29 at 8/7c on FOX!

This is Josh Peck:

1. He's already got dad chic nailed.

2. Worried about taking your baby on the plane? Good thing he flies private.

3. Look at him already being a model father to not just one pup, but two!

4. He'll make getting dressed in the morning real fun.

5. He's the master of the "silly face" game.

6. And when he's not entertaining your kid with silly faces, he's got magic tricks.

7. He's just totally down for monkeying around.

8. Even as a youngster, he knew he was destined to be a great father.


Just imagine the confidence he'd instill in your children.

9. He'll indulge in sweets and cry with you when parenting gets rough.

10. Yet he's responsible about his Halloween candy eating.

Still working my way through last years Halloween candy

What a treat.

11. And more importantly, he understands that vegetables should never be left out of a balanced diet.

12. He'll make sure everything in your house is childproof.

13. He's pro naps.

You're all meat and potatoes and I'm all Nutella and Naps

14. Can't you just imagine him sharing this ice cream cone with a kid?

15. He's already saving every penny for your kid's college fund.

16. Baby boy buns or ponytails? He's got you covered.

17. He's even good at arts and crafts.

18. And fort building.

You can come in my fort but don't think we're gonna kiss or anything.

19. Some parents say the teenage years are the hardest. Not Josh Peck. He gets how teens think.

20. Just look at him. He's ready to snuggle your baby to sleep.


I'm just looking for someone to park my babies in for 9 months.

*Raises hand*

Need more proof? Don’t miss Josh Peck take on fatherhood on Grandfathered starting Tuesday, September 29 at 8/7c on FOX!

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