16 Reasons Why Pugs Are The MF Thugs

These dogs are straight puggin’. Don’t forget to check out Animation Domination High-Def starting Saturday, July 27th from 11PM - 12:30AM and a special preview, Sunday July 21st 9:30/8:30c on FOX. It’s what all the cool pugs are doing.

1. They are more rock n' roll than you.

Valarie Apperson/Talamantes / Via Flickr: 13115694@N03

2. They don't listen to the "man".

3. They party until they drop.

Rick Harris / Via Flickr: rickharris

4. They're no strangers to a day at the spa.

Bara Kashi / Via Instagram: @odango_kashi

Treat yo’ self.

5. They make glasses look cool.

Brian Boucheron / Via Flickr: bert_m_b

6. They get all the babes.

Audrey Opdam / Via Instagram: @audreyopdam

7. They don't follow rules, rules are for dumb humans.

8. Sometimes they get two babes at once.

9. They casually hang out on yachts.

Boats n’ bones.

10. They all own jet skis.

11. They take the party with them wherever they go.

inpugnito / Via Instagram: @inpugnito

12. They are tattoo snobs.

Rotem Zioni / Via Instagram: @rotemzioni

They know “cool” better than you do.

13. They chill hard.

Tessa McGilvray / Via Instagram: @tessaaam

14. They don't have to talk to impress you. They have that "look".

15. They have awesome senses of humor.

Wanda Productions / Via Instagram: @wanda_productions

Chicks dig it.

16. They are tough as f***.

Don’t mess with a pug.

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