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18 People Who Are Just Twerkin' It

Twerking isn't just a dance, it's a lifestyle. Just ask these expert twerking champions of the internet. Don't forget to watch Animation Domination High-Def starting Saturday, July 27th from 11PM - 12:30AM on FOX.

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1. Twerking is a valuable skill.

2. There are so many different ways to do it!

3. This woman is doing the "Hitchhikin'" Twerk

4. These ladies are doing the "Feedin' the Cats" Twerk

5. This dog is killin' the "Shake Your Tail" Twerk

6. This girl pretty much invented the "Slip n' Twerk"

7. The ever popular "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" Twerk

8. Some people use Twerking as a greeting!

9. These ladies have perfected the "Extra Fast Food" Twerk

10. Kim Kardashian will most likely be the first woman to Twerk her child out. This will be forever known as the "Kimye Twerk".

11. This cat is a natural at the "Purr-cocious" Twerk

12. The respected "Smart Lady" Twerk

13. The classic "Trashy" Twerk is tough to beat

14. This "Around the World" Twerk is universal

15. Bring some friends for the "Tunnel" Twerk

16. The "RIP" Twerk is a good way to show love for the deceased

17. Just don't Twerk at work!

18. Save it for the car ride home.