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10 Things That Should Never Be Scientifically Accurate

Some things are just better left unexplained, trust us. Don't forget to watch Animation Domination High-Def starting Saturday, July 27th from 11PM - 12:30AM and a special preview, Sunday July 21st 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

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1. Build-a-Bear

Alexandra Adriana / Via Flickr: 23049577@N08

So you're a scientist who discovered the power to bring dead animals to life. What do you do? You open a chain of stores filled with animal parts. Then you give these creatures to children. Happy Birthday, we hope you wished for screaming.

4. Street Sharks


Assuming that the mutation which gave sharks legs also gave them the ability to think and breathe above water, Street Sharks would mean instant human slavery. There's nothing we can do to beat thinking, walking, steroid sharks.

5. Clifford

Flickr: loozrboy

If there was a dog as big as Clifford, it would be considered a monster and the villagers would most likely chase him out of town with torches. Also, his fur is clearly red with blood.

6. The T.A.R.D.I.S.

Flickr: iain

Here's the problem with Time-Travel -- it would shred you into bits. Imagine a phone booth that popped into existence, and the inside was filled with warm maroon mush.

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