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10 Ways To Tell If You're A T-Bird Or A Pink Lady

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The T-Birds and the Pink Ladies are the epitome of #SquadGoals, but are you fit to hang with the cool kids of Rydell High?

1. You look good in leather...

2. ...but you can also rock a classic, conservative, Frenchy-inspired outfit if the situation requires it.

3. When you started at your new school, you were kinda lame, but you quickly went from geek to chic.

4. Whenever someone throws an insult your way, you instinctively go all Rizzo on them with a sharp-tongued, witty comeback.

5. You've had some summer lovin', you did have a blast, and it did happen so fast.

6. You're constantly feeling torn between your innocent love life and the rough image you maintain within your social circle.

7. You can be a bit of a Kenickie at times, but beneath that harsh, abrasive exterior is a really nice person.

8. Sometimes you and your friends just break into choreographed song-and-dance routines and nobody questions it...

9. ...because you all have similar interests and styles.

10. But above all else, you stay true to yourself and loyal to your friends, no matter what.

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Here's a squad goal for you: Get your fellow Grease fanatics together and watch Grease: Live Sunday, January 31, on FOX!

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