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18 Reasons Why Schmidt Can Do No Wrong

The man, the myth, the legend. He almost turned a lesbian straight once. He is to be studied. Educate yourself in the School of Schmidt, Tuesday nights at 9/8c on FOX. The show? NEW GIRL. Oh and look out for a special episode on Thursday night, April 4th.

1. One man kissing another man has never been wrong, but my God it's never looked so right.

2. Schmidt's pre game psych ups are the source of all his powers.

3. If it's a question of bathroom hierarchy, Schmidt is always on top.

4. He sees the good in all of us.

5. Correct.

6. Even when he's dressed as a gaudy cowboy, he can convey real, sincere emotion.

7. Scratching an unreachable itch under a pelvic cast is no longer revolting. It's friendship.

8. The hat is not wrong. Your attitude is wrong.

9. Even his self-centeredness is endearing.

10. He wears many hats!

11. It's like he invented MOVEMENT!

12. He's not afraid to be upfront about his emotions.

13. He takes what's his. Everything is his.

14. He'll help out a friend in need...of fishing something out of a wetsuit.

15. He has many thoughtful insights on contemporary film.

16. He re-invented fishing, and he did so magnificently.

17. He drinks 2 proof melon flavor liqueur, and no one says boo. Except Nick.

18. This works.