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13 Fail Proof Exit Strategies For Terrible First Dates

Mayday, Mayday! Escape with help from The Mindy Project, premiering Tuesday, September 17 at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

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1. Talk about how desperate you are to be with someone. ANYone.

2. Propose on the spot.

3. Start building a personality for your date.

4. Get really intense.

5. Describe your perfect date. Make it...special.

6. Get a bunch of random friends to crash the date.

7. Start comparing your date to a celebrity.

8. Order a food that's disgusting to watch someone eat.

9. Cry.

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For any reason. For no reason.

10. Critique other couples on dates.

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Throw in a "We're the hottest couple here, for sure."

11. Get offended and storm out.

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Ooh! And throw a drink in their face! Always wanted to do that...

12. Eat the food then gtfo.

13. Politely tell them that it just could never be.