• Stealin’ Mics from Buzzbands

    “Do u mind chilling out?/ this was supposed to be a chill conceptual party/ not an ‘effing rager.’/ Cmon bro/ Let’s just ride chillwaves/ and move away from our electro past”

  • Showin’ Some Skin

    “U killed the vibe/ and I will nvr forgive u/ u ruined the chill vibes 4 every1/ just because u wanted to show off ur ass”

  • Flyin’ Away

    “…but then Unchill AZN bro shows up/ wearing a ’shit load of balloons’/ thinks he is flying around the room/ sorta like the hit movie UP”

  • Again?

    “We were just trying to watch a chill ass show/ Relevant buzzband/ that we booked in a super secret chill space/ only a collection of the city’s most alt bros/ high level get together/ not an electro rager.”