The Most Australian Things That Ever Happened

Some things are undoubtedly better when they’re Australian. Foster’s drinkers know this. Which is why you can always rely on them to make a #GoodCall.

1. Going for a jog, with a kangaroo

Even that dog is shocked at what’s going on.

2. The goat who took a town to court

In Australia, even a goat wearing a hat will have his day in court.

3. This classy way of opening a brew

4. A koala doing leg day

5. This example of Aussie ingenuity

6. Ladies eating Vegemite in a koala onesie

Mamrie Hart / / Via

7. The Australian Hagrid giving out lessons on how to catch a kangaroo

“This is how you catch a kanga - put the bag over his head and pick it up.”

Result = free kangaroo.

8. These typical Twitter updates from Queensland Police Services

Nothing to Crowe about, the road ahead is flooded, Noah wouldn’t do it, nor should you. Flooded? forget it #qldtraffic #TCIta

— QPS Media Unit (@QPSmedia)

Have Splinter & Shredder been dueling? Cover missing off man hole on Padstow Rd, Eight Mile Plains. #bnetraffic #ninjaturtles

— QPS Media Unit (@QPSmedia)

#Protip: Hermione Granger may have had a time turner, but you don’t. Decisions behind the wheel are final. You don’t get another go. #Fatal5

— QPS Media Unit (@QPSmedia)

9. When Harold Bishop and Ross Noble went on a date on an Australian soap

It's A Date/ via

It's A Date/ via

It's A Date/ via


10. People petting a venomous animal, like it’s a goddamn normal thing to do

11. Petting creepy little bears, like it’s all ok

You know, they have fingerprints, just like humans.

12. Spiders that you need a breadknife, bike helmet and a SWAT team to remove

Now, take a tiny bit of tissues, and quietly and calmly set fire to your house.

13. This donation drive

14. Slippy the kangaroo

This is why you have to tie them down, Sport.

15. This ingenious way to mown a lawn

Taking laid back to a new level.

16. When Bear Grylls went out for fast food in the Outback

Bear Grylls/ Man Vs Food / Discovery / Via

To be fair, this man drinks his own urine, so it was probably quite tasty.

17. This useless, but vital, invention

18. The time a koala walked into a bar

He only ordered a cuppa though. He went in there for a bit of koala tea time.

19. Fierce but camera-shy chooks

Today Brisbane / / Via

Who’s the chicken now?

20. When a Stormtrooper walked across Australia for charity

Because it’s so bloody brutal. He lost 12kg walking over 500km from Perth to Sydney BUT raised over $88,000 for Sydney Children’s Hospital.

21. Vicious kangaroo attacks





22. Seeing the most suspicious-looking koala just walking down the street

Why did he gift wrap that tree?

23. A guy being bloody amazing at boomeranging

This #GoodCall between Brad and Dan…

Want to see another Aussie #GoodCall ? Look no further than Foster’s.

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