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Little Things Blokes Shouldn't Complain About

Sometimes it feels like the world is out to get you. But there's no use moping: you have to laugh at life's little inconveniences. When others lose their cool Foster's drinkers can see the funnier side of the rubbish things in life.

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4. All your mates have pulled but you're flying solo


The first rule of Mate Club is that you have to do your time in the Wingman Zone. When they come up for air, make sure you positive-bomb her with stories that make your mate shine.

7. You’re hungry but there’s nothing good to eat in the fridge / Via (Formally ShaneDawsonGif.Tumblr.Com

Get in touch with your inner Bear Grylls and compromise by making a stew out of condiments. Or flex your dialling finger and order a pizza.

Need some more no nonsense Aussie advice? Look no further than Foster's.

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