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12 Signs You're In A Bromance

Brothers from different mothers, be proud. Foster's wants you to be proud of your besties. Take it from us - bromance is always a #GoodCall.

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1. You show off to impress each other.

In other words just bein' a man, really.

2. You've 'invented' at least one cool thing together.

Free time? There's no such thing.

3. You've got no problem sharing a bed.

In fact it's usually a pretty good laugh.

4. You settle arguments your own way.

5. From moment you met there was instant buddy chemistry.

Columbia Pictures / Via
Columbia Pictures / Via

6. ...or possibly you've been mates since childhood.

7. You've got in-jokes only the two of you can understand.

8. You celebrate your differences.

9. You celebrate each other's birthdays.

10. When called for, you're dance partners.

Singin' In The Rain / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

How do you like us now, ladies?

11. You love the same movies.

Carolco Pictures / Via

Bonus points if you shout 'Get to the choppah!' at each other.

12. You tend to just sort of... synchronise!

Keeping your bros close is always a #GoodCall - check out Foster's for more bromance!

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