11 Summer Food Hacks All Blokes Need To Know

Everyone wants their summer to go with a bang. Foster’s drinkers are no exception and realise a bit of ingenuity goes a long way. So take a look at these #GoodCalls and get your summer off to a ripping start.

1. This is how to be a true wingman

Double the amount of chicken you can eat at a barbecue in half the time by twisting then pulling out the bone

2. Icebergs?….In summer?!

Make a summer salad more manly by smashing a lettuce. Without the core it’ll cut like a dream.

3. Opening your jars Blue Peter style!

Need to open that mayo jar at a bbq? Use duct tape. It’ll twist and pull right off.

4. Make instant slush drinks by freezing a metal bowl and pouring cola straight in

Get a bottle of room temperature drink, shake violently and then freeze for 3 hours and 15 minutes. Slowly open the cap to release pressure, then pour it into a chilled metal bowl.

5. Give your chicken a beer


For the tastiest chicken in town ‘wash’ your bird with beer, inside and out.

Shake up another can of beer and insert inside the cavity, so that the chicken is sitting on it, before putting in the oven or on the grill.

6. Here’s a fuss-free way to slice tomatoes

Gets the job done in half the time - and you get to use a massive knife.

7. Forgotten your can opener?

Embrace your inner Bear Grylls and open a tin just using a rock.

8. Want to chill a drink without watering it down?

Buzzfeed / Via youtube.com

Just pretend its opposite day and stick the cup and ice in your drink.

9. Love garlic marinade but hate stinky fingers?

Buzzfeed / Via youtube.com

Everything is better smothered in garlic - apart from your hands.

10. The only mess-free way to eat watermelon

Because sticky fingers and a juice-coated chin isn’t going to impress anyone.

And if it rains and you have to take it indoors…

11. No plates?…No worries mate!

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