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    • fostergonz

      faux-intellectual college stoners? I’m sorry but can you explain how the legalization of marijuana is not justifiable? Please elaborate, because the amount of clinical studies on marijuana seem to really tip the scale towards a pro-legalization. Not only that, but the economic benefits by far outweigh any rebuttal that has been brought up. In Illinois alone, if marijuana was taxed the same percentage we tax cigarettes, it would generate roughly 440 million dollars a year… Not to mention that since marijuana was legalized in California (1996), violent crimes in California have decreased by 63% and every country that has decriminalized marijuana has a higher ‘quality of life’ rating than the United States. Please do give me an “intellectual” rebuttal as to why we should not decriminalize marijuana.  p.s. yes I do have my source links to back up my statements, most of which are FROM government websites.

    • fostergonz

      I’m not going to claim dem or rep but this does not make sense to me. He wants us to avert spending cuts for now, but wasn’t spending cuts part of the deal he cut with the republicans during the fiscal cliff situation as long as the taxes increased for corporations and on the wealthy? So the reps have to uphold their part of the deal and Obama gets to prolong his side?  This is really confusing because if he really planned on winning the presidency in 2012 then wouldn’t he have proactively planned this situation when he was signing the 2-year extension of the Bush tax cuts, that expired in 2010? If someone can better explain this then thank you, I’m quite lost at this point.

    • fostergonz

      Judging on the kids words on his post, I don’t the dog posed a threat. Maybe it was a stray but if you look at the entry point of the arrow and the angle of the puncture, it’s clear that the kid shot the dog from the back corner indicating that the dog was more than likely walking away from the kid. I’m sorry but your post has no relevance, you clearly posted how you personally feel towards pit bulls themselves, then try to justify your biased opinion (biased based on your “neighborhood”). I live in Chicago and there are many pit bulls in our city, there are also many bulldogs, rottweilers, dobermans, and german Shepherds as well. Which if you look up the facts, all of those dogs are used for watchdog purposes and all of those dogs are also very close in numbers when it comes to reported bites. Thirdly, you mention third world countries.. unfortunately that is not the topic here and if you would like to bring that up, then I do not see you being too active on the KONY2012 act. Everyone commenting on this article is stating that this is needs to be arrested and that his post on facebook is an early and clear indication of having a mental disorder. Some of the most famous serial killers with the worst killing sprees have openly admitted to torturing and killing animals in the beginning. Check out Richard Kuklinski, who admitted to tying stray cats together by their tales and throwing them in fire pits or tying random dogs to buses. He stated that he didn’t care either or for them.  your response is an oxymoron becklo, reread it. If you split your response down the middle, they contradict each other.  Sadly, you have made a point to insinuate that the dog was a stray and likely hood violent too.

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