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15 Images That Are Too Real For Anyone Going Home For The Holidays

'Tis the season to stay connected! The Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch allows you to stay in touch with friends through instant notifications and swap style ideas with the smartwatch's variety of interchangeable straps.

1. When you have to go shopping for your mom but refuse to engage in small pleasantries:

2. Dealing with the same questions from all your relatives:

3. Wishing you could stay at the kid's table forever:

4. When you're old enough to finally drink but try to play it cool:

5. Getting to sleep in your old bed that is smaller than you remembered:

6. Promising you'll get back to your diet in the New Year:

7. Texting your friends under the table to survive lunch:

8. Shamelessly flooding you social media feed with pet photos:

9. Being a grown-ass adult and still fighting with your siblings:

10. Pretending like you don't know every gift you're getting:

11. Taking full advantage of your parent's hospitality:

12. If you're just a little too excited about the holidays:

13. Getting to wear pajamas the entire time you're home:

14. Sneaking off to the bar to meet your hometown homies:

15. Getting excited every time you get a notification from your group text:

The Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch makes texting (and gifting) during the holidays easy and hands-free.