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Buzzwords? Or Just Buzzkill? Amplify Your Message Without All The Hoopla.

You’ve sat around a conference table or speakerphone and heard these words fly across the room or even used them yourself. Lets get to know them better.

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1. Disruption


SCREAM in Grand Central Station and heads will turn. Now what? Aside from a “Hey, Buddy” from the boys in blue, what are you doing with all this attention? How does it connect to this audience? To simply make noise, is just noise. This is not a cohesive strategy to get your consumer to want what you are selling.

2. Holistic Approach


We take a… Huh? Huge company? OK. Nice thought to think about the business as a whole, its place in the economy and society, and in the lives of the consumer. But to stand up in front of your client, or be the client, and have to endure this buzzword with regard to an ad banner or landing page, not so much.

3. Best Practices


Keep your eyes on your own paper Jimmy. “What would Apple do? Lets follow that.” But you’re not Apple. It’s ok to know what they might do or are doing, but to copy what they ARE doing and not creating your own, makes what you are doing, well, ignorable. Keep following to your favorite social media accounts. Stick to your brand truth and you’re good to go.

4. Brand Activation


BTL (below-the-line) promotions is a technique that targets a limited, specific group through less (is it really?) conventional methods (read social media) and highlighting the brand to the target. Used as small, and we mean small, percentage, of your plan, OK. As THE plan? Ask yourself this, what was the last company that tweeted their way to $2 billion in sales?

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