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Keeping Your Roof In Order

In order to take good care of our roof and our home is to know how to spot the problems. Learning how to do a good roof inspection is a good preventative maintenance job. Try not to wait for the one-a-year reminder before you do a roof inspection.

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Keeping Your Roof In Order

We often neglect to appreciate what a privilege it is of having a roof over our heads. This being said, most of us forget to take good care of this privilege which can lead to major maintenance cost later on. Our roof can be described as the protector of our home which is a very important job, therefore we need to take good care of it. Your roof spares you of harsh weathers such as wind, rain, hail, ice, snow and extreme heat and this can sometimes lead to problems accruing on the roof.

In order to take good care of our roof and our home is to know how to spot the problems. Learning how to do a good roof inspection is a good preventative maintenance job. Try not to wait for the one-a-year reminder before you do a roof inspection:

Excuses like being scared of heights is not valid anymore as binoculars are not that expensive and if you own a camera phone you can just use the zoom. If you can handle the heights you can of course use a ladder and get close and personal, but remember that your roof would also appreciate it if you did less walking around on it and keeping yourself safe should be first priority.

Here is what to look out for on your rooftop:

Flashings: Make sure your flashings stay in good condition, rust and cracked chalks are things you can maintain yourself for instance by using rust removal chemicals. If the flashings are damage beyond repair you can always replace them yourself but keep in mind that several shingles will have to be removed. If you lack the skills for this job then consider calling a roofing contractor.

Shingles: If a couple of shingles are curling, blistering or cracked and the lifespan of your roof is far from over, consider just replacing those in need. It is not too difficult to do this yourself if you are comfortable with working on a roof. Missing or broken shingles should be replaced immediately. Any nails that have popped up can just be hammered back in to their place. When the lifespan of your roof is close to its end and you notice a fair amount of shingles that are in bad shape, then it might be time to do the roof over completely.

Chimney: If a brick chimney looks a bit worn, it can always be patched up to make it look good again. Make sure the chimney cap is not missing or damage as they keep your walls and ceiling dry by preventing water to run inside and they also prevent downdraft so that your home will not fill with smoke.

Moss and algae: If a lot of moss can be seen on the roof, this can be a signal that the roof is decaying underneath. Generally moss is not good for the roof and can be removed carefully by a long-handled scrub brush or you can get a professional to do it for you. You might be tempted to use a pressure washer, but this can damage the shingles while chemicals can ruin the roof. If you do decide to wash it of yourself with chemicals, make sure you choose the right formulas for moss on roofs. When you are looking at black spot on your roof, this is probably caused by black algae and in this case you do not need to worry that it will harm your roof.

Granules: The granules shield the shingles from the sun. If you find granules, colored grit from an asphalt shingle roof, in the gutters or downspout it is a sign that your roof will soon need to be replaced. If it is a new roof then it is probably just extra loose ones, but if you roof is over 10 years old it would be good to consult an expert to see how long your roof has left.

Debris: Debris on the roof may look bad, but might not seem like they can do much damage. They can however cause damage if not removed, because they keep water from escaping the roof, causing a dam that can trap water and cause water damage to your roof. Water can heap up underneath the shingles and this can caused leakage, rot and interior damage to your home. Keep your roof clean by removing all debris that fall on your roof and keep your gutter and downspout clean as well.

Sometimes we ignore these small roof maintenances. Keeping an eye on your roof can spare you from expensive home repairs around.

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