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14 Tweets That Are Too Real If You Live With A Roommate

Goodbye, privacy. Hello, weirdo.

1. When you love judging how they spend their free time...

I just looked over and this is what my roommate was looking at

2. ...but they're never allowed to judge how you use yours.

Roommate: "I heard you come home at 2am, did you go out?" "I went to see Spider-Man at 11:30 in my pajamas" Her: "that makes more sense"

3. When they have the audacity to eat fast food in front of you without offering.

Roommate just told me she ordered food without me because she thought I was "asleep" like yes I 100% was but I feel betrayed

4. When there's no such thing as equal cleaning.

So glad my roommate's pseudo-GF is cleaning our kitchen this AM. Those dishes were staring at me and i was staring…

5. When they manage to do all the small things you can't stand.

My roommate in here smacking his food so loud you'd think he ain't have teeth

6. When you check the fridge every day to see if they stole your food.

7. When they think your closed door means, "Please enter."

Roommate just came in my room and said "I've never felt more alive, more like myself," and pushed me off the bed

8. When you wonder how they've successfully lived to this point.

one time I caught my roommate making hot chocolate from the water he boiled his hot dog in

9. When the bathroom is no longer a place of peace.

10. When you regret asking them, "How was your day?"

told my roommate i'm sorry his gecko died and he said "it should have been me". gonna be a great week

11. When you masterfully avoid drama between your roommates.

The roommate who got the single bed watching y'all fight over the bottom bunk

12. When they discovered the key to your heart is fried food.

When you hear your roommate coming up the stairs with food.

13. When they give you the pep talk you actually need.

"Just wanted to say that your eyeliner game is really strong today." - My roommate, who knows exactly how to pay a compliment

14. And when your roommate is not a psychopath — so you feel like you've won the lottery.


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