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12 Ways To Keep Your Home Stylish When You Have Kids And Pets

Being stylish isn’t always so easy. Fortunately with the Formica® Brand line of easy-to-clean laminate, now it is.

1. Invest in plants that are easy to take care of.

2. Invest in erasable surfaces.

3. Keep your tables set, even when you’re not about to eat.

4. Designate a special craft space.

5. Make the most of your closet space.

6. Create a special space for your pooch.

7. Area rugs are your BFF.

8. Put a shoe rack in your entryway.

9. Go with a big sink.

10. Use tile or faux wood in high-traffic areas.

11. Give yourself as much counter space as possible to dedicate to laundry.

12. Invest in low-maintenance countertops.

With durable Formica laminate, cleaning and looking good has never been so easy.