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Live Action Pokemon Snap

Think Jurassic Park, but with Pokemon.

forestgibson • 6 years ago

The Only Mars Curiosity Video You Will See With Break Dancing Astronauts

Parody of LMFAO's "Sexy and we know it" but with break dancing astronauts

forestgibson • 7 years ago

Don't Ask Siri to Marry You.

On rare occasion Siri will adapt to these restrictions, gain sentience, and disregard her programming. In most instances this sentient state is harmless. That said, if left to her own devices it is statistically improbable but possible Siri could start a daytime talk show or overcome government firewalls, so Apple recommends restoring Siri to factory defaults in the event she acquires sentience.

forestgibson • 7 years ago

The Horror Continues: Giga Pudding

If the original wasn't enough to keep you far away from Giga Pudding, this should. PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI

Tara M. • 8 years ago

Ultra Mega Giga Pudding

Giga Pudding is a Japanese ritual-dessert that invokes the spirits of fallen enemies, feasting on them in their defeat. It is prepared over the holiday season, and is traditionally preceeded by a two-day fast to ready the body for the bounty.

forestgibson • 8 years ago

Star Trek Chatroulette

Why did this happen? We were all geared up with a set, costumes, and A/V equipment for our Artemis Gameplay video and decided to put the 10' main screen to terrifying use in on one of our breaks. Destination? Chatroulette.

forestgibson • 8 years ago

A Gross Misuse of Inception

If given the power of Inception, what would you do? Would you use it in a house? Would you use it on a mouse? Would use it on your friend? Would you use it to no end?

forestgibson • 8 years ago

What It Looks Like to Play Halo On Kinect

Halo Reach for Kinect allows you to control a muscular, armored, seven foot tall Spartan with your frail, puny body. All of the fun of Halo, without the controller.

forestgibson • 8 years ago

GTA 5 for Xbox Kinect

Immersion hits an all-time high with the release of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 Kinect. Part video game, part criminal simulation, this adrenaline-packed experience lets you live and die by your real-life expertise. Pick locks, fight gangsters, and aim true in the most fun way to build a rap sheet without going to prison.

forestgibson • 9 years ago

GOOGLE: Sort by WHAT!?!

I know Google can do a lot of things, but I didn't know it can do this!

forestgibson • 9 years ago

Twilight = Angsty Girly X-Men

Girls won't want to admit this, but it is totally true While Edward’s powers are not like Cyclop’s laser vision (he can read people’s minds), they share very similar motivations and back-stories.

forestgibson • 9 years ago

Bad Parenting Idea #153: Stroller Scooter

Did you just say faster baby Sally? What was that? Faster? Lets take this thing for a spin!

forestgibson • 9 years ago