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7 Calls British Embassies Weren't Expecting

These are just some of the strange questions British embassies and consulates around the world have been asked in recent months. Make the right call! Find out what how we can can help British nationals abroad on

ForeignOffice • 4 years ago

What’s Really Happening Inside Syria?

Some common myths about the crisis in Syria and the reality behind them...

ForeignOffice • 4 years ago

From Oslo With Love: The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

The journey and history behind London's most famous Christmas Tree

ForeignOffice • 4 years ago

Ho Ho Ho, It's The 12 City Break Travel Tips Of Christmas

Heading abroad on a city break this holiday season? Wherever you travel, help ensure you have a happy holiday with our 12 Travel Tips of Christmas #KnowBeforeYouGo.

ForeignOffice • 4 years ago

9 Surprising Ways To Break The Law Abroad

Help avoid getting caught out abroad; check the Local Laws and Customs for each destination.

ForeignOffice • 4 years ago

What Have UK Contributions To International Justice Helped To Achieve?

17 July is International Justice Day. It marks the day the Rome Statute, which established the International Criminal Court, was adopted in 1998.

ForeignOffice • 4 years ago

Answering Russia Today’s “Questions On Ukraine The West Chooses Not To Answer”

Russia Today has asked five questions which it claims the West hasn’t answered. Here they are, with answers.

ForeignOffice • 5 years ago