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    Answering Russia Today’s “Questions On Ukraine The West Chooses Not To Answer”

    Russia Today has asked five questions which it claims the West hasn’t answered. Here they are, with answers.

    1. Why did the opposition oust Yanukovich after he conceded to their demands?

    They didn’t. Yanukovych fled Ukraine before fulfilling his commitments under the 21 February agreement. His abandonment of office was confirmed by a constitutional and overwhelming majority in a free vote in the Ukrainian Parliament, including representatives of Yanukovych's Party of the Regions.

    2. Why is the coup-appointed govt replacing oligarchs linked to Yanukovich with... oligarchs?

    Firstly, this was not a coup. See answer 1 above.

    Secondly, who is appointed by the elected Government of Ukraine is a matter for the people and Government of Ukraine not any other foreign power – either the West or Russia. We support the people of Ukraine and want them to choose their own future.

    3. Why did the post-coup parliament strip Russian language of its regional status?

    This is not the case. Firstly, this was not a coup, see answer 1. Secondly, President Oleksandr Turchynov refused to sign legislation repealing the existing language law. Instead he recommended drafting a new law addressing the interests of all language groups in Ukraine.

    4. Why did Kiev attack the Constitutional Court?

    This is a matter for the people, parliament and Government of Ukraine. If the people of Ukraine are not happy about the actions taken, they will have the opportunity to vote in May. However, it is clear that significant parts of the judicial system of Ukraine – including several of the judges in the Constitutional Court - had lost the confidence of the people and legitimate Parliament and Government of Ukraine.

    5. Why would the West support the coup in Ukraine?

    There was no coup. See number 1.