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21 Ways To Make Your Outfit Pop

If you love fashion, then you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. An easy way to make a fashion statement every time? Rock up in a Ford Fiesta: with a range of fashionable colours and finishes, it’s perfectly on trend every season.

1. Add unexpected flashes of colour by co-ordinating accessories.

OtterBox/Flickr/(CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 54187806@N05

Like your scarf to your phone cover or purse.

2. Treat leopard print like it's a neutral.

Maegan Tintari/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via

It makes even the most basic basics look more glamorous and dressed up.

3. Turn basic jeans into eye-catching distressed jeans.

Geneva Vanderzeil / Flickr/ (CC BY http://2.0) /Flickr: 66755335@N05 /
Geneva Vanderzeil / Flickr/ (CC BY http://2.0) /Flickr: 66755335@N05

4. Find your own signature style piece.

Stephanie Zieber / Getty Images

Something that you always wear — like how Miranda Priestly has her scarf. Yours could be bright belts, a jangly charm bracelet, leopard print accents, statement earrings, or a hat.

5. Add a burst of neon with a bright beanie.

Lara Vázquez/Flickr/(CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: madlula

6. If you're going for bold fashion statements, keep your hair simple.

Think a low-key ponytail, slicked back or a straightened, silky curtain. Let the clothes do the talking for you.

7. Cover a dull outfit choice with a DIY no-sew blanket cape.

Geneva Vanderzeil / Flickr/ (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 66755335@N05

8. Shop the sales for bright designer items. / Via

Bolder colours are often overlooked in favour of their neutral cousins, so tend to hit the sale rail at the end of each season. Dress all in black, or neutrally, and use these million-pound-but-I-got-for-a-tenner accessories to make your outfit look expensive.

9. Use colour to highlight your best features. / Via

Small waist? Accentuate it with a bright red belt over a contrasting-coloured outfit. Shapely pins? Wear coloured tights. Ability to walk in sky-scraper heels? Make them day-glo! Or switch it up, and wear all brights with black to highlight.

10. Wear neutrals with just a pop of colour.


Add a selection of coloured jackets to your wardrobe, then you've got permission to wear all-black outfits.

11. Update plain coats and outfits by adding a detachable fur-look collar. / Via

Be brave and go for fake fur in a contrasting colour.

12. Wear a pair of white tights underneath a coloured pair.

With permission from Stacie at / Via Flickr: 35754040@N04

It'll make the colour bolder and brighter AND keep your legs extra snug!

13. Make your accessories really pop by glueing on embellishments.

Geneva Vanderzeil / Flickr/ (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 66755335@N05

14. Make breton tops your wardrobe staple.

Maegan Tintari/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: lovemaegan

Striped tops look amazing teamed with bright primary-coloured pencil skirts or blazers. Or be brave and match with leopard print!

15. Plan outfits using the colour wheel.


Match either…

Complementary colours

These are colours on opposite sides of the colours wheel (eg. teal and red).

Analogous colours

These are colours that are along the same three slices of the colour wheel (eg. burnt orange and red).

Primary colours

Primary colours are the root colours: yellow, red, and blue (the ones that you'd mix in a paint palate to get greens, pinks, oranges, etc.). Mixing these three make a bold, '60s-inspired statement.

16. Or use the colour wheel to plan your makeup.

Ralf Nau / Getty Images

Orangey-red lipstick and a blue top looks lush.

17. Team a button-down shirt with a statement necklace. / Via

There's a reason why it's called a "statement" necklace, after all.

18. If you're scared of colour, add a bright scarf.

M-imagephotography / Getty Images

You still get that colour pop, but the fact that it's removable makes it feel a little less terrifying should you lose your nerve.

19. And play with textures as well as colours.

With permission from

A leather skirt can really change the look of a basic outfit. Here's a tutorial for making your own...if you want a totally unique look.

20. Add contrast to feminine florals with a repurposed camo jacket.

Gromovataya / Getty Images

It toughens the look up.

21. Colour block your outfits.

Jorge Mejía peralta/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: mejiaperalta

This means wearing solid blocks of colour. Stick to bright primary colours, for a retro '60s pop art feel. But maybe avoid a red, amber, green – unless you want to look like a traffic light.

Stylish, sleek and on-trend, with the very latest technology, no wonder the Ford Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car of all time.