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21 Struggles Only Women Who Love Fashion Understand

Looking good doesn’t come easy…as every fashion lover will know. The best way to make a classy fashion statement? Rock up in a Ford Fiesta: with a range of fashionable colours and finishes, it’s perfectly on trend every season.

1. Airport luggage limits.

2. Being unable to touch anything for half an hour because your nails are wet.

3. Falling in love with a piece of clothing, only to then see its astronomical price.

4. When your boyfriend says he likes "the blue one"…

…when you're holding up a turquoise, cerulean, and periwinkle bag for him to choose from.

5. Staying in, binge-watching TV and eating pizza instead of partying for a month so that you can afford the perfect shoes.

6. You have to cancel your plans because of the weather, and you get annoyed because your outfit was fierce.

7. Despite having a bursting wardrobe, you still have nothing to wear.

8. The struggle of trying to put on skinny jeans when you're in a rush.

9. When you're wearing a new outfit, but no one has noticed yet.

10. Discovering that the pricey dress that you spent your entire month's wage on is now in the sale.

11. When you get home after a hard day of looking good, but feel like not enough people saw your outfit.

12. Walking like a baby giraffe for the first few minutes after not wearing high heels for ages.

13. Buying a floppy statement hat, then remembering you live in the UK, where it's waayyy too windy to ever wear it.

14. The love-hate relationship you have with the dressing room mirror in your favourite clothes shop.

15. Hitting the shops on payday, only to hate everything you find.

16. When anyone you know buys you clothes for your birthday…and you hate them.

17. When someone asks you where you bought your outfit from…

18. The agony of knowing that despite it only being 5 minutes away, your journey is going to take you at least 15m because you're walking there in heels.

19. Finally getting around to clearing out your wardrobe, then everything coming back into style again.

20. Having to physically destroy a store card, because you can no longer trust yourself with it.

21. And experiencing the Fashion Paradox.

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