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21 Struggles Only Women Who Love Fashion Understand

Looking good doesn’t come easy…as every fashion lover will know. The best way to make a classy fashion statement? Rock up in a Ford Fiesta: with a range of fashionable colours and finishes, it’s perfectly on trend every season.

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21. And experiencing the Fashion Paradox.


The universal Fashion Law that states that when your outfit is on point, you'll never bump in to anyone you know. BUT, the ONE TIME you leave the house wearing your PJ bottoms, your ex, your old boss who hated you, and that mean girl from school will be waiting in a line to greet you.

You love to make a fashion statement: just like the Ford Fiesta

Stylish, sleek and on-trend, with the very latest technology, no wonder the Ford Fiesta is the UK's best-selling car of all time.