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12 Totally Obvious Inventions You Wish You Thought Of First

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are right in front of your face. Check out Ford SYNC for an invention so great, you can't believe you didn't think of it first.

1. Lockable Cookie Jar

Genius, but also kind of torture. PLEASE, JUST ONE MORE COOKIE. PLEASE, SAFE.

2. Multi-Position Pillow

You still may not know where to put your arm while spooning, but at least your pillow is willing to cooperate.

3. Luggage Tracker

Everyone around baggage claim will think you’re so cool.

4. Utensil Pen Caps

For you sad workaholics working through lunch.

5. Bed Fans

No more hot and sticky naps!

6. Ping Pong Launcher

Practice on your own so you can beat the hell out of your table tennis rivals.

7. Portable Paw Washer

Anyone with a dog and a carpet knows how genius this invention is.

8. Sandless Beach Blanket

Nothing like a day at a beach, but that sticky mix of suntan lotion and sand? Gross.

Sand-less beach mat's got your back.

9. Goggle Umbrella


Now you can cover your whole head without bumping into everyone. Yay!

10. Treadmill Desk

Exercise your brain AND body at the same time? DEAL.

11. Lunch Bug Bags


Take that, lunch thieves!

12. Snuggies

Modern classic <3.