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11 Futuristic Inventions That We're Still Waiting For

For real, what's the holdup? These don't seem THAT complicated, right? But your car listening to you? Well, that's now a reality with Ford SYNC.

1. Space Travel at the Speed of Light


"Oh, I'd LOVE to take a trip to another galaxy for the weekend," said no one, because we just can't figure it out.

2. Teleportation


The fact that it takes an entire plane ride to get from point A to point B just seems like the biggest waste of time, IMHO.

3. Robot Servants


Okay, yeah, we've got a long way to go before this one becomes a reality. Until then, can we get a napkin over here?

4. Time Travel


I mean, it's 2013, and I'd like to meet Shakespeare before I die. Let's get cracking, science!

5. Mind-Reading Device

It could either be the best invention in the world, or something that would ruin MANY relationships. Either way, we'll never know. Yay?

6. Jet Pack


You know when you get that urge to fly, but you just can't? Yeah, something needs to be done about that, like, yesterday.

7. Bringing Back Extinct Animals


I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk amongst the dinosaurs? You’ve seen Jurassic Park, right? And had nightmares for weeks? Whatever, it’d still be cool.

8. Memory-Erasing Wand

madmarv00 / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: madmarv

Remember that time, when you did that thing in front of... BOOM! Never happened.

9. Device to See What Others Are Dreaming About


Is he playing with water coming out of a faucet? Is he giving a row of mice high fives? SO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT UNANSWERED!

10. X-Ray Goggles


We really need these for "scientific purposes"... yeah, that's it...

11. Ability to Physically Live in an Alternate Universe


Or perhaps we’re living in it right now, and we don't even know it…