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10 Things That Used To Take You Forever

You only live once, and you don't have any time to waste! After seeing these, you'll be so thankful that we live in such an innovative time where things like Ford SYNC are here to save us all.

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4. Never again will you be that guy holding up the plane by putting your luggage in the overhead bin.


Flight attendants will be thankful (and in complete awe) of your travel expertise with this luggage that comes apart.

6. Remember when seeing your parents meant spending a whole day with them?

Problem solved. It may take them a few times to figure out FaceTime, but the hours saved NOT commuting to their house and participating in scrapbooking? Priceless.

7. You just spent two minutes brushing your teeth. You really think you have extra time to rinse?!


Pure genius. Brush your teeth, instant water fountain. Go ahead, make time for a quick morning run and a coffee... you're all good.

10. Remember getting halfway to work and freaking out because you COULD NOT REMEMBER if you had locked your door?


How about a deadbolt that you can now lock or unlock with your smartphone, no matter where you are. Yup, this is the future, people.