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13 Reasons To Take A Road Trip By Yourself

Need some alone time? This is exactly what you need. Bring Ford SYNC along for the ride. It can keep you entertained and keep you on the right track. And it won't interfere with your precious "me time."

11 Of The Oddest Tourist Attractions In America

Hop in your car and get away, there's so much to see! Check out some of the coolest places to visit on your next road trip. And let Ford SYNC be your favorite travel companion. Not only does SYNC listen, it speaks your language for music, entertainment, and even directions.

14 Reasons To Avoid Flying During The Holidays

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a VERY bumpy ride. Or skip the runways and hit the highways with Ford SYNC. It listens and talks to you… even over your blasting holiday music.

13 Ways You Know You’re A Techie

You know who you are, and you've already grabbed your phone to tweet about this. Ford SYNC is just as techie as you are. Not only does it speak your language, it listens to you too.

10 Signs Your Car Is Actually Your Baby

You think your kids are high maintenance? Check out the new Ford SYNC and make your little guy the coolest car in the parking lot.

13 Signs You Have A Bad Sense Of Direction

It's so bad you don't know if you can find your way to the bottom of this post. At least now you have Ford SYNC to guide you to your destination no matter how bad your direction is.

11 Futuristic Inventions That We're Still Waiting For

For real, what's the holdup? These don't seem THAT complicated, right? But your car listening to you? Well, that's now a reality with Ford SYNC.

9 Things You Wish You Could Power With Your Voice

Life could be sweeter with some new things that really listen. Thankfully, Ford SYNC listens when you’re on the road.

10 Things Your Car Would Say If It Could Talk

Let's just be grateful that cars can't talk... yet. But, at least they can listen to you now with technology like Ford SYNC.

12 Totally Obvious Inventions You Wish You Thought Of First

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are right in front of your face. Check out Ford SYNC for an invention so great, you can't believe you didn't think of it first.

10 Things That Used To Take You Forever

You only live once, and you don't have any time to waste! After seeing these, you'll be so thankful that we live in such an innovative time where things like Ford SYNC are here to save us all.