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12 DIY Projects That Prove Everything Deserves A Second Chance

These upcycling projects are just to DIY for. Ford is committed to using earth-conscious materials and other recyclables in their vehicles, and with these crafty projects, you'll be able to give a second chance to your old favorite items, too!

1. Make a simple statement with a couple of copper hangers.

2. Savor a snack to freshen up your home.

3. Upcycle all your packaging as gift boxes!

4. Craft a hipster-approved pendant light from an old wastebasket.

5. Make over your pillow with a slipcover!

6. Turn your T-shirt into a totally cute tote.

7. Glow up your foyer with some foil branches.

8. Restore your stockings to vamp up your vanity.

9. Save your jars to create a set of salt and pepper shakers.

10. Give an old pair of jeans a new life to protect a prized possession.

11. Hang 10 with an upside down bottle vase.

12. Transform a cupboard into a serving tray!

Give your possessions a second chance! Get creative and reuse your resources. Join Ford with their Second Chances initiative to give some unexpected materials new life in a Ford vehicle.

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