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What Is Your Recycling IQ?

Are you an eco-genius or a greenie-wannabe? Take this quiz to find out your recycling IQ and take the next steps toward a greener future with Ford’s Second Chances initiative today!

12 DIY Projects That Prove Everything Deserves A Second Chance

These upcycling projects are just to DIY for. Ford is committed to using earth-conscious materials and other recyclables in their vehicles, and with these crafty projects, you'll be able to give a second chance to your old favorite items, too!

11 Things Fans Do For Good Luck That Make Zero Sense

It’s not crazy if it works! And we’re pulling out all the stops when it comes to cheering on the USA.

11 Everyday Tasks That Should Be Scored Like Gymnastics

So many deductions. But points for high difficulty! Watch your favorite gymnasts score like you can with the Ford Escape. Life is a sport. Play it.

11 Ways To Make Your Workday A Little More Competitive

It’s time to challenge yourself and Steve in Accounting. Life is a sport. So be an unstoppable winner.

Real Life Summer Games

Let the games begin! 
Life is a sport. We are the utility. Be Unstoppable. The 2017 Ford Escape.

Regular People Compete Like Pro Athletes

Do they have what it takes? Life is a sport. We are the utility. Be Unstoppable. The 2017 Ford Escape.

15 Questions To Ask Your Dog On Your Next Road Trip

You never truly know someone until you travel together. Here are some questions to ask your pup in the car get to know each other better than ever.

If Dog Breeds Were Backseat Drivers

Your dog is your closest companion...and your most, er, opinionated passenger. If our favorite travel buddies could talk, what would they say?