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15 Facts About Cars That Will Make You Glad You Live In 2016

Ya know, you kids today don't know how good you've got it.

1893: Alfred Vacheron becomes the first to put a steering wheel in a car instead of a tiller, which is a sort of...stick-like thing.

1902: Drum brakes are patented by Louis Renault and become widely used in all automobiles for 50 years.

1908: Henry Ford introduces the first mass-produced automobile, making car ownership a real, economically feasible option for ordinary people.

1911: Charles Kettering shuts down his haters by receiving a patent for an electronic self-starter small and powerful enough to fit under a car’s hood.

1914: The first electric traffic signal is installed on a street corner in Cleveland, Ohio.

1930: The first in-car radio is introduced for a whopping $110 (about $1,500 today).

1939: The first car to offer air conditioning is introduced.

1951: Power steering is first introduced in wide commercial production and becomes increasingly more common into the 1950s.

1959: Nils Bohlin invents the three-point seatbelt that would stay stationary and not move under a load.

1965: The factory-installed 8-track tape player is born.

1973: A group of engineers creates the first catalytic converter, which helps to reduce tailpipe emissions.

1973: The first cars with a passenger airbag are introduced and soon become standard in many popular automakers’ cars.

1985: The first cars to have an Anti-lock Braking System fitted as standard become available.

2000: President Clinton signs a bill that enables ordinary citizens to use satellite systems for GPS.

2001: Hybrid cars begin to gain popularity.

Little by little, cars have come a long way. By combining the very best from over a century of technology, design, innovation, and pure imagination, the new Ford Focus has something everyone can love.