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Being Fancy: Expectation Vs. Reality

You tried being fancy, once. But it didn't work out. You're just too real. Brought to you by the Ford Territory MkII — keeping Australia real.

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1. Expectation: You will buy some heels, and you will wear them everywhere.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Reality: You wore them once. And you will never wear them again.

prizela_ning / Via Getty Images

2. Expectation: You will buy a small dog and take beautiful, effortless photos with the dog.


Reality: Nope.

Ayla Smith / BuzzFeed
Ayla Smith / BuzzFeed

Dog won't keep still. Dog won't look at camera. You can't get your mouth right. It's too dark in this room. You give up.

3. Expectation: Maybe you'll try giving yourself some fancy nail artwork, like you see on those women in the department stores.


Reality: You think about all the things you actually do with your hands and decide it's probably not a good idea.

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That fancy nail art is not going to last five minutes.

4. Expectation: Maybe you'll try out a sun bed so you can have one of those glorious all-year-round tropical tans.

Pawelsierakowski / Getty Images

Reality: Is this a tanning bed or a glowing blue coffin? No thanks!

AMC / Via

Maybe you'll just pop outside for 15 minutes to get some old-fashioned sun.

5. Expectation: You'll wear some makeup on your morning run, just in case you bump into anyone you know.

You're going to look very graceful and fancy when you run.

You're going to look very graceful and fancy when you run.

Reality: Wait, no you won't. Who even does that?

Annie Goodman / BuzzFeed

The makeup is going to slide off your face in about five minutes, anyway.

6. Expectation: You will be very glamorous, and have a fancy attitude.

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Reality: Nope. Enough. Those people drive you mad. Turns out, you're not cut out for any of this.

You'll just stick to being real and un-fancy. That suits you just fine.

The Ford Territory MkII is keeping Australia real, with real features that make sense and make your life easier.

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