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11 Signs You're A Lot Smarter Than You Look

Look smart. Like the new Ford EcoBoost Engine.

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1. You have a way with using the really big smart words.

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2. You're a giant research nerd. You will trawl Google and review sites until you find what you're looking for.

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3. You go in the store to check stuff out but then go online to buy them on special 'cause you're a genius.

4. You have super laser focus while everyone else around you freaks out and panics.

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5. While other people can only see something at face value, you can see a million different possibilities.


6. You will annoy the sh*t out of friends to seek their advice.

7. You will get the most out of the things you love and own and can fix anything with a bit of can-do attitude.

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8. You are aware you don't know everything...

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9. ...which is fine because you learn from mistakes you've made or that others make.

10. You're all about encouraging others because it's smart to help people who will help you later.

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11. You just know when something's going to work because you're a genius at trying it a little differently.

See this video by Ford too. It's very smart and will help save you money on fuel.

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