20 Things You Should Never Have To Choose Between

Because you deserve the best of BOTH worlds. Here are some situations where you shouldn’t have to make a choice, because “and” is always better. Brought to you by Ford.

1. Having a cat AND a dog…

…AND A CHINCHILLA, because why not?

2. Going out until 5am AND acing that final exam!


If you pull this off, you’ll be a legend.

3. Eating anything with tomato sauce AND keeping your clothes clean.

Wouldn’t this be great?!

4. Being fiscally responsible AND buying that new skirt you totally don't need.


If only you could save for retirement by shopping!

5. Oversleeping AND making it to work without your boss noticing.

It’s a dangerous game for sure.

6. Hosting a house party AND not having to clean up afterwards.

Hopefully you have really awesome friends.

7. Posting your political opinions AND avoiding the internet trolls.

8. Sleeping through half of college AND still graduating!


You showed them!

9. Going off on your boss AND getting promoted.

This has probably never happened, but you can still dream, right?

10. Wearing cool glasses AND not being called a hipster.

Haters gonna hate.

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