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18 Gadget Gift Ideas From The Depths Of The Internet

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1. This Storm Glass Weather Forecaster

The Tempo Drop transforms from clear, to cloudy, to crystalized to help predict clear, cloudy, and stormy weather, respectively (and, in turn, effectively turn you into a wizard).

2. This Family Robot

Jibo is a virtual family assistant who can help take photos, search the internet, schedule events, and basically anything else you might need. (Is this even real life?)

3. This Infinite USB Port

This allows any USB-compatible technology to connect to an infinite amount of devices. It's also really colorful, which makes USB ports fun (finally!).

4. This Blue Microphone

Reviews report this as the best mic to use for small production recordings. It is designed to look old-timey, which makes it an even bigger hit.

5. These AEDLE Headphones

The sleek French design, matched with some serious sound quality, makes the Aedle Headphones an ideal gift for anyone who loves music. And, let's be real, who doesn't love music.

6. This inReach Rural Messenger

This device helps coordinate cellular service in rural areas so that you can text anyone anywhere! Which means more #me in more places (among other things).

7. This Truly 3D Panoramic Camera

It's exactly what it sounds like. Throw it in the air and get your picture. Just try to catch it to be safe.

8. This Nest Thermostat

This guy learns your temperature preferences and sets itself to your liking. It also looks real good against some fancy wallpaper...

9. This Floating Pool Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof... and it floats! Can you say "pool party"??

10. This Lytro Camera

This camera captures the entire light field, which provides brighter and more vibrant photos. it comes in five colors and includes a wrist strap... which is a nice touch.

11. This Smartphone Controller

Mobile gaming is getting bigger and bigger with more game developers publishing in-depth games for phones and tablets. This controller is the perfect plugin to help you play some of your favorite classics or discover new fun games.

12. This Portable Retro Game System

OR, this player lets you use your old game cartridges to play games on the go. Which is the ultimate gamer upcycle.

13. This Secure Computer Network

This device helps you create your own VPN using public Wi-Fi ports. It can also create a network from your laptop to your home computer for secure file sharing.

14. This Virtual Keyboard

This keyboard works for everything from your computer to your smartphone. It's easy to install and even produces artificial clicking noises to help you type.

15. This Solar Phone Charger

Stick the solar panel to a window and charge that bad boy up. It's as easy as that.

16. This Fujifilm Instax Mini

These are the perfect gifts for a generation into instant gratification. These cameras replicate the instant photographer from the 1970s to make fun, quick, tangible photo memories.

17. This Inkless Pen

Using a metal alloy tip, this pen deposits a thin shiny stroke on paper. It doesn't leak and can write upside down, so it's basically the king of pens.

18. And This Window-Cleaning Robot

Unlike the robot vacuums of yesteryear, this new robot sticks to your window and cleans it for you. What will they think of next? ;)