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11 Things Fans Do For Good Luck That Make Zero Sense

It’s not crazy if it works! And we’re pulling out all the stops when it comes to cheering on the USA.

1. Wear the same “lucky” outfit every time their favorite athletes compete.

2. Bonus points if that outfit is never ever washed.

3. Spend the entire game listing athletes' stats out loud.

4. Always watch the event from the same “lucky” spot on the couch.

5. Or, worse, spend the entire event shouting at the television.

6. Only snack on "lucky" foods while athletes compete.

7. Get special pre-game manicures.

8. Halftime rituals of any kind.

9. Go completely overboard with face paint.

10. Hold the remote in a specific hand for an entire event.

11. Refuse to watch the event live.

Now that you know which sport you’d be great at, get out there and play. Life is a sport. We are the utility. Be unstoppable. The 2017 Ford Escape.

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