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11 Stunningly Elaborate Manicures You May Just Obsess Over

You spend so much time taking care of your hands — why not let your hands take care of you? #ManiForHope

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1. These peekaboo chevron claws:

2. These perfectly delicate florecitas:

Instagram: @gouldhallie

3. This mint manicure with a touch of sparkle:

Instagram: @felicia_hardy

4. This mani misterioso like la medianoche:

5. These coffin-shaped nails that are a work of nail-shaping art:

Amor a primera vista.

6. An artful paint job with a dash of sparkle:

Brillitos forever. <3

7. Some album art–inspired nails fit for a festival:

Instagram: @jenerous

8. These barbed wire claws that scream "don't mess":

Instagram: @lunalovebad

9. This green-and-gold–foiled pattern que va a provocar envidias:

Instagram: @alexandrahollynails

10. Some perfect tips that'll make you feel the love:

Instagram: @missameliahart

11. This cosmically detailed look:

Instagram: @samiiijae

12. These claws you are definitely eyeballing:

Instagram: @felicia_hardy

13. This seriously kawaii mani:

Instagram: @cplu

Súper adorable!

14. A handful of dazzling violet tips:

Instagram: @occultkitten

15. And this artful twist on classic red nails:

Instagram: @conz

Keep your health as fabulous as your manicuras and get a #ManiForHope.

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