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12 Signs You Know A Little Too Much About Cars

It's not an obsession – it's a passion. OK, maybe both... If you love technology and cars, Ford has you covered.

1. You have your next oil change marked on a calendar.

2. You roll your eyes when people put the pedal to the metal.

3. You're simply blown away by all your car's tech features...

4. ...and you fully utilize them at every opportunity.

5. This has impressed more than one of your friends.

"Wait... is that a full digital display? Is this a car or a spaceship?"

6. On the flip side, you get annoyed with people who DON'T understand their car.

7. Every analogy you make relates to cars.

8. You're constantly dropping car information to your friends.

9. As for your S.O.... They've come to accept your obsession.

10. Someone has definitely captured you in your natural habitat...

11. In fact, you post so many car pics, people might think you're an actual car on social media.

12. And lastly: You've named every car you've ever owned…

Embrace your car expertise with Ford.