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11 Ways To Make Your Workday A Little More Competitive

It’s time to challenge yourself and Steve in Accounting. Life is a sport. So be an unstoppable winner.

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1. Race your co-workers to the elevator.

And obviously prepare a victory dance for when you get to ride it alone. Duh.

9. Try to see who can get the most free snacks on your business trip.

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Be polite, become best friends with the stewardess, and show Ron from Accounting just how far your charm can carry you.

11. Vote on who has the best coffee mug in the office.

Mug king or queen gets bragging rights until someone gets a new mug and challenges them. So spring for two-day shipping and kick Susan off her high horse.

The office can be competitive, and there’s a million ways to keep upping your score. We are all athletes, and with the new 2017 Ford Escape, life is a sport.

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