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11 Deep Thoughts We've All Had While Driving Home From Work

Finally, a space for all your questions, reflections, and farts (let's be honest). They can all flow free with Ford.

1. What if my future boo is also stuck in this traffic?

kali9 / Via iStock


2. I'm surrounded by windows in a crowd of people, but nobody really sees me...

Yuri Gurbin / Via iStock

...which is perfect 'cuz I've been waiting ALL DAY to floss my teeth.

londoneye / Via iStock

Yasssss, freedom!

3. I wonder if they'll ever run out of license plate combinations.

Tony Sanchez / Via iStock

Will we live in a world with emoji plates?

4. Beauty can be so blinding...

Arpad Benedek / Via iStock

...but seriously, even sunglasses couldn't handle this.

skynesher / Via iStock

Golden hour, my butt.

5. Whoever invented A/C is saving my life right now, and I don't even know their name.

hiphotos35 / Via iStock

*Thinks about it. Feels bad about it. Never looks it up.*

6. I live in one of the most vibrant, diverse, and fast-paced cultural centers in the world...

Sean Pavone / Via iStock

...and I'm dying to get home to binge Netflix and pizza.

YinYang / Via iStock

7. I wonder how many times I have to go through the drive-thru to be considered a regular customer?

payphoto / Via iStock

"Fourth time this week, Jared?" DON'T HATE.

8. My car mirrors should probably take my selfies.

AZarubaika / Via iStock

I look lit at these angles, and it's hands-free. #winning

9. I the only one talking to myself right now?

bowie15 / Via iStock

What are all of you thinking about? Where are you going? WHO ARE YOU?!

10. One thing's for sure: I'm gonna be a dope driver when I'm old.

Lilu13 / Via iStock

Age ain't nothing but a number, fools!

11. But I can't imagine what I'd do if my car could drive itself...

m-imagephotography / Via iStock

...actually, I've definitely thought about it.

kali9 / Via iStock

A lot.

Sam74100 / Via iStock


Keep exploring your thoughts and your city in style with Ford!