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  • The Future Of Being Human

    In this session, we examine how the contemporary journey into massive scales of space, time, and big data irreversibly expands our perspective on ourselves-and how medical innovations which allow us to move past our traditional human bodies.

  • tv - Being Human 2013

    Being Human 2013 is a daylong exploration of human nature in the light of cutting edge science, philosophy, and evolution.

  • Justice Delayed: Examining The Central Park Five

    The story of the Central Park Five is one scarring New York history; a case of injustice for five teenagers of color being wrongly convicted of raping a Central Park jogger. This tragic story showcases many issues addressed by philanthropy for… Join us for a thought-provoking discussion, featuring filmmakers Sarah Burns and David McMahon; Raymond Santana, a victim from the case; Annemarie Benedict, Programme Executive at The Atlantic Philanthropies; discussion leader Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow!; and session moderator Vince Stehle, Executive Director of Media Impact Funders. Clips of The Central Park Five will be woven into the discussion to illustrate how this case hits the core of issues of discrimination and prosecutorial abuse within our legal system. A Philanthropy New York Special Event with Media Impact Funders and The Atlantic Philanthropies; co-sponsored by the NYC Youth Funders and New York Juvenile Justice Initiative. Media Impact Funders is a network of funders, working broadly on media and technology issues, in order to create social change. We serve as a learning resource for grantmakers interested in using media to further their missions; a catalyst for philanthropic partnership and networking; and a convener to advance media and technology focused philanthropy. Media Impact Funders is an affinity group, with members representing foundations, government agencies, donor affinity groups, philanthropic advisors, and individual donors.

  • Debate: Does Science Refute God?

    Intelligence Squared US debates whether science refutes the existence of God. *Panelists subject to change FOR THE MOTIONLawrence Krauss Director, Origins

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