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Interactive, Hands-On Dim Sum Class At Home Cooking New York

Enjoy this 2.5 hour, chef-led cooking class at Home Cooking New York to learn the essentials of how to make tasty dim sum.

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Founded in May 2002, Home Cooking New York is one of the most popular cooking schools in the city. Offering everything from basic cooking techniques to cuisine focused favorites, Home Cooking New York features classes that are hands-on with demonstration-style teaching. The classes are capped at 10 students, and everyone sits around a large wooden worktable with their own cutting board and knives.

The sold-out dim sum class on the weekend was led by Chef John Scott, who has been with the team since 2006. With a background as Executive Chef of a low country bistro in South Carolina, Chef John specializes in working with local, fresh ingredients.

Summer Rolls

The fresh, healthy summer rolls were made with thin rice paper stuffed with julienne vegetables (cucumber, radish, and carrots), vermicelli noodles, and shrimp. The summer rolls were accompanied by nuoc cham sauce.

Scallion Pancakes

Made with flour dough seasoned with toasted sesame oil, the scallion pancakes had perfectly crunchy exterior with chewy interior. The hoisin dipping sauce complemented this fan favorite.

Pan-Fried Gyoza and Steamed Shrimp Shumai

The perfect duo of dim sum, the pan-fried gyoza with pork, cabbage, and scallion fillings had crispy skin, while the shrimp shu mai wrapped in chive had a burst of flavors.

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