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Enjoy Japanese Street Food & Fresh Sushi Served From Conveyor Belt At Yo! Sushi In NYC

Yo!, a British chain that specializes in Japanese street food and sushi, opened an outpost in the heart of Manhattan in mid-March. Guests can enjoy hand-crafted plates of sashimi, sushi, and rolls from the kaiten conveyor belt or order hot items like takoyaki, ramen, and tacos from the menu.

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Famous for its signature conveyor belt service, Yo! features an extensive menu of more than 80 traditional and contemporary Japanese-inspired dishes, such as sashimi, sushi, rolls, rice- and noodle-based dishes, soups, salads, tempura, and more.

A Selection of Aburi Sushi

Yo! Sushi features 6 varieties of aburi sushi, or sushi that has been flame-seared for richer flavor. Choose from (top to bottom) scallop, salmon, shrimp, hamachi, tuna, or beef.

Chicken Wings

Crispy fried marinated chicken wings in three different sauces. Choose from Japanese (dusted with sansho pepper and lemon), Korean (coated in spicy Korean gochujang sauce), or Asian (coated in sticky teriyaki, sesame oil, and white sesame)

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