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Delicious Snacks And Drinks You Must Try This Summer 2017

Start making your list - here are the top snacks and drinks to try this summer.

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Protein-Packed Ravioli from Three Bridges

Three Bridges, the leading maker of fresh, refrigerated pastas and sauces, produces a delicious line of ravioli that are made with only simple, better-for-you ingredients. These raviolis, which have up to 14 grams of protein per serving, are filled with delicious ingredients like Italian sausage, lobster, grilled chicken, and prosciutto.

Creamy Cappuccino from High Brew Coffee

High Brew Cold Brew launched Creamy Cappuccino. The drink as two times the amount of natural caffeine in a regular cup of coffee, 12 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber in each portable can. With around 25 percent of the recommended daily amount of protein, the delicious drink makes it easy for those on the go to get their caffeine and protein too.

Frozen Entrees from Elite Lifestyle Cuisine

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Elite Lifestyle Cuisine delivers healthy, chef-prepared meals with caloric balance in mind. Try delicious dishes that are perfect for summer, like the chicken lasagna that features grilled chicken breast and assorted green vegetables combined with low-fat mozzarella and ricotta to fill whole wheat lasagna pasta sheets.

Chocolate Stroopwafels from Daelmans

Daelmans, a family owned Dutch bakery group founded in 1909 and the leading stroopwafel baker in the world, launched a new Daelmans Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel. The new Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel has a deep, rich chocolate flavor from real chocolate and only natural ingredients baked into the dough. Daelmans Stroopwafels are baked with care and contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or trans-fat.

Cornbread Crisps from Farmer's Pantry

Farmer’s Pantry is passionate about creating scrumptious, hearty snacks using the kind of authentic, identifiable ingredients you would find in a farmer’s pantry. Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps are made from 100 percent American Farm grown corn, and they’re always baked, not fried. The company has transformed freshly baked cornbread or corn muffins, into convenient, crunchy, mouthwatering crisps for a taste so delicious consumers will be instantly hooked.

Black Garlic Hummus from Hope Foods

The Black Garlic Hummus blends together sweet, caramelized black garlic with the Original Recipe Hummus. It is rich and complex, and allows for the subtle flavor notes in garlic to emerge.

Cold Brew from Secret Squirrel

The handpicked organic coffee beans are roasted to perfection, cold brewed for 18 to 24 hours, double filtered, and bottled quickly. This process releases the full bold flavor of the beans without any bitterness or acidity. A taste so smooth, you won’t need to hide it beneath anything.

Thick Cut Crispbreads from Primizie

The basis for Primizie crispbreads was discovered in Italy while traveling on a culinary tour through the country. .Primizie Crispbreads are a true chef created snack. They are an addictive, flavor forward, thick cut specialty chip with a distinctive crunch. Primizie Crispbreads are great for snacking on their own or pair perfect with just about any dip or spread imaginable.

Maple Syrup from Crown Maple

Crown Maple sets the standard for maple in quality, purity and taste through singular, certified-organic maple products. From bark to bottle, Crown Maple is a defining ingredient, delivering a gourmet maple experience like no other. Crown Maple is estate-produced from forests comprising the Taconic Hardwood Forest, a unique terroir which extends from the New York Eastern Mid-Hudson Valley to Central Western Vermont. Since the brand’s launch, the distinctive taste and versatility has won over discerning professionals and connoisseurs alike, elevating Crown Maple beyond a sweetener and into a defining ingredient.

Beet Chips from Rhythm Superfoods

Jam-packed with fiber and potassium that help strengthen your body, Beet Chips from Rhythm Superfoods are crafted with thinly sliced beets that are dehydrated – never fried – to maximize their nutritional potency. The Beet Chips are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Rhythm Superfoods plant-based snacks are expertly crafted so that every superfood veggie maximizes its nutritional density and delicious flavor.

Honest Sport from Honest Tea

Honest Sport is a new line of organic sports drinks. Sweetened with organic, Fair Trade Certified™ sugar and fruit juice, Honest Sport will be available in three varieties: Lemon, Orange, and Berry. Organic Honest Sport was created to deliver a balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates designed to refresh, refuel and rehydrate athletes after rigorous activity and was formulated based on The American College of Sports Medicines guidelines for a sport drink.

Cello Whisps from Schuman Cheese

Made from just one ingredient - cheese - Cello Whisps are delicious snacks baked into flavorful, airy crisps ideal for a guilt-free snack. Adding to the original award-winning Parmesan and Cheddar varieties, new Asiago & Pepper Jack Whisps now adds a third flavor to the line. Award-winning Cello Asiago adds a nutty, savory taste that complements the peppery heat for a surprisingly complex flavor in every whispy, crispy bite.

SO RIGHT Frozen Entrees from Bellisio Foods

SO RIGHT™ offers a collection of single-serve frozen meals that combine real ingredients and full flavors. Featuring fresh-tasting, quality ingredients, such as 100% natural white meat chicken, roasted vegetables, whole grains, and brown rice, SO RIGHT meals are also free of trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors or colors. SO RIGHT comes in 12 flavor combinations, including Sriracha Chicken Mac & Cheese, Szechuan Style Kung Pao Chicken, and Chicken Burrito Bowl.

Hot & Fit Cereal Cups from Earnest Eats

Earnest Eats is about believing in nutrition density vs. calorie density. Superfood Hot Cereals are made with Superfood Grains – Whole Oats, Quinoa & Amaranth – plus fruits nuts and seeds like almonds, blueberries, chia seeds, cranberries, and cocoa. Just add hot water, for an added powerhouse of protein, fiber and nutrition on-the-go so you can take on the day

Chia + Vanilla Coconut Bites from Bare

Bare Snacks is a maker of delicious, crunchy baked fruit chips in apple, banana and coconut varieties made with simple ingredients. The new chia coconut bites in flavors like vanilla, pineapple, and flax are the perfect gluten-free snacks with no added oil, 0 grams of fat, no cholesterol, and no preservatives.

Pancake Mix from foodstirs

Freshly flipped and ready for the griddle, these delicious Organic Sunday Stacks Pancake Mix from foodstirs is true comfort in a box. Made with the finest organic ingredients and delicious homemade taste, each box of pancake mix makes about 18 pancakes.

Charcuterie from Les Trois Petits Cochons

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic spread of wine and cheese, sometimes it’s nice to elevate your picnic basket with something a little more special. Les Trois Petits Cochons’ pre-sliced charcuterie makes prep a breeze, and the brand’s petits toasts and cornichons are the perfect accoutrements. Better yet, all Les Trois Petits Cochons meat products - from sausages and pâté to terrines and mousses - come with suggested wine pairings, making it even easier to pack for a lazy afternoon or after-work date night.

Orange N' Cream from GoodPop

GoodPop launched a new flavor, Orange N’ Cream, to add to its collection of unique and refreshing flavor combinations. Orange N’ Cream, a dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and low 80 calorie treat, is a clean and delicious update to the classic flavor combination. It consists of only wholesome and natural ingredients: a Valencia orange juice and organic coconut cream sherbet exterior and an organic coconut cream core, lightly sweetened with Fair Trade organic cane sugar and Fair Trade vanilla extract.

Organic Flax Hemp Blend from Carrington Farms

Carrington Farms Organic Flax Hemp Blend is full of nutrition and naturally gluten-free, and provides energy and vitality, strengthens the immune system, supports cardiovascular health and contributes to an overall healthy metabolism. This unique blend of two superfoods will keep you satisfied all day long with its protein and Omega-3's.

Mini Popcorn from the Little Kernel

Not only is it "mini", but this popcorn is popped with 100% pure olive oil, making it the ideal gluten-free, better-for-you snack when a salty craving strikes. The Little Kernel keeps it real with no artificial ingredients. Prepare your taste buds for their arrival at the frontline of fun with an exiting lineup of adventurous flavors.

Protein Cookies from Munk Pack

Munk Pack Protein Cookies can be enjoyed as a protein bar replacement, breakfast or snack on the go, for fitness or everyday life. In each Munk Pack Protein Cookie you'll find a nutritious blend of nuts, grains and brown rice protein which combine to provide a complete amino acid profile that is clean and easy to digest.

Brain Performance Formula from BrainGear

BrainGear, a brain performance formula, makes it easy to give your brain what it needs to perform at its best and in this world of 24/7 connectivity. Developed by top researchers and neurologists, BrainGear provides the focus, clarity and concentration that you can feel and the long-term brain health benefits you can feel good about. BrainGear is a leader in an exciting new category of brain health and outperforms with its unique combination of 13 clinically relevant high-quality ingredients, combined into a patent-pending, all-natural formula that tastes great. .

Stuff'd Bars from BOBO'S

BOBO’s, the baked-from-the-heart-in-Boulder oat bar brand, launched nut butter filled oat bars. The new STUFF’D oat bar line features four flavor options: Chocolate Almond Butter Filled, Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Chip, Coconut Almond Butter and Peanut Butter Filled. Since 2003, the small-batch Boulder bakery has made BOBO’s bars featuring berries, nuts, seeds and chocolate. Adding premium nut butter to the famous oat bar provides a new twist on a classic family favorite. Each STUFF’d oat bar has up to 7 grams of protein with no whey or soy isolate.

Gluten-Free Granola from Viki's Granola

Made with 100% all natural ingredients and gluten-free, Viki's Granola adds nutrition to every snack – and if you're on the move, enjoy it right out of the bag. Always gluten-free, always a good choice, Viki's Original Granola takes rolled oats, organic honey and adds a touch of almonds and pecans for a flavor-packed ride.

Mango Salsa from CHI-CHI'S

Complement your favorite Mexican cuisine with the sweet and savory taste of CHI-CHI’S® Mild Mango Salsa. Use it to create delectable chicken quesadillas, fish tacos, or flavorful rice side dishes. Make meals more exciting with CHI-CHI’S® Salsa, Tortillas and Tortilla Chips.

Asian Entrees from Annie Chun's

Gluten-free and non-GMO Project Verified, each Entree from Annie Chun's is packed with fresh vegetables and conveniently easy-to-prepare in just 1 minute, making it a deliciously simple and nutritious option for lunch or dinner. The new Entrees are available in 3 varieties, including Sesame Soy Noodles, Red Curry, and Green Curry.

Organic Edamame Spaghetti from Explore Cuisine

Who knew classic spaghetti could be hand-crafted from Edamame!? Indulge in this nutritious, delectable dinner dish with Explore Cuisine’s Edamame Spaghetti, containing nearly half of your daily protein AND fiber requirements in just one serving. The only ingredient here is organic edamame - that's it!

Hand-Decorated Crispy Treats from Shari's Berries

The perfect gift for the young, and the young at heart. Delight them with a surprise that will bring back delicious childhood memories, with a grown-up twist. Irresistible Crispy Treats are colorfully dipped and decorated with festive sprinkles. Each delicious treat is individually wrapped, making this the perfect gift for sharing.

Flavored Water from Aqua Ball

AquaBall is back with a new, reformulated and healthier version of their original product that took the children’s beverage market by storm. After a complete rebrand with entirely new packaging to make the bottle shape more convenient for children’s hands and car cup holders, AquaBall is now the only zero calorie, sugar-free and newly preservative-free children’s beverage on the market. Available in four delicious flavors all featuring kid-friendly Disney and Marvel characters: Berry Frost, Fruit Punch, Grape and Strawberry Lemonade.

ProBurst Bites from Enjoy Life Foods

These delicious ProBurst Bites are allergy-friendly and bursting with 6 to 7 grams of tasty plant-based protein that makes for an ideal protein boost. These chocolatey, truffle-like decadent bites are perfect for on-the-go snacking and an afternoon pick-me-up.

Dark Coconut Toffee from Alter Eco

Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee Organic Chocolate is the perfect salty-but-sweet snack with smooth texture with a coconutty and buttery finish. This bar is also fair trade and made with some of the world’s rarest rainforest cacao.

Sparkling Water from Spindrift

Real fruit tastes better. Spindrift is America’s first and only line of sparkling beverages made with real squeezed fruit. The water is triple-filtered, while the fruit is picked from family farms and squeezed before it knows what hit it. From from branch to can, Spindrift is a radically simple and really refreshing idea.

Kids Soft Wheat Bread from Rudi's Organic Bakery

This is the only nationally-available organic kids bread on the market and comes in Soft White and Soft Wheat varieties. With a smaller size and extra fluffy texture, kids will be just as happy as mom when she makes their favorite PB&J or grilled cheese.

Carbon Neutral Water from Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial water is the world’s first bottled water to be certified Carbon Neutral. Exceptionally pure, it’s bottled straight from a spring (naturally filtered by lava rock) in Iceland at a facility that runs off 100% natural green energy. A new sparkling line was launched late last year in fully recyclable glass bottles (the plastic line is also fully recyclable).

Premium Jerky from Chef's Cut Real Jerky

There’s no junk in Chef's Cut Real Jerky. The meats are hand-cut and slowly marinated with real ingredients and slow-smoked to tender perfection. Combined with premium cuts of meat and a proprietary smoking process, the result is a perfectly tender and flavor-balanced jerky.

Marinara Sauce from Rao's

Rao’s award winning, slow-cooked marinara sauce is not only perfect for pasta but can be used as a base for preparing classic dishes with seafood, steak, chicken, pork, bruschetta, soups, caponata, or serve with vegetables. Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce is made with Italian tomatoes, olive oil, fresh onions, salt, fresh garlic, fresh basil, black pepper, oregano.

White Honey from Heavenly Organics

This delicious honey opens your senses to a multitude of exotic flowers as it lingers on the palate. White in color, velvety in texture with a smooth, sweet taste. The White Honey from Heavenly Organics is irresistible.

Rustic Tomato Basil Sauce from Lucini Italia

Lucini Italia believes that recipe for good food is simple: use only a few, fresh ingredients of extraordinary quality. Produced only during the tomato harvest to capture garden fresh flavor, Lucini sauces are simply organic and made with fresh Tuscan tomatoes, fresh vegetables & herbs and organic Lucini® extra virgin olive oil.

Supplements from DAO Labs

DAO Labs is a new line of supplements that has translated 3,000 Years of Chinese medicine in an easy-drinkable formula. These all-natural effervescent powders are comprised of Chinese herbs and are designed to be taken as a daily supplement to balance the body, mind and spirit while also working to improve digestion and alleviate symptoms of colds/allergies.

Red, White & Blues from TERRA

Hain Celestial debuts TERRA® Red, White, and Blues, which combines a flavorful blend of beet dipped sweet potatoes, naturally blue potatoes and Yukon Gold to bring a satisfying crunch. This patriotic blend includes the delicious TERRA® Blues and is made with non-GMO ingredients. Like all TERRA® real vegetable chips, Red, White, and Blues are gluten free and Kosher certified.

Thin & Crispy Cookies from Pepperidge Farm

With the newest cookie launch from Pepperidge Farm, a childhood memory and a simple treat becomes so much more. Farmhouse Thin & Crispy cookies are an entirely new product line from Pepperidge Farm inspired by homemade cookie recipes. Available in three traditional flavors, each cookie recipe is made with real ingredients like milk, flour, cage-free eggs, rich chocolate, creamery butter, and real vanilla extract.

Kids' Dip from Vegy Vida

Vegy Vida has a solution and is on a mission to help kids eat their veggies at an early age. Vegy Vida not only offers an organic solution to prevent unhealthy eating, but it will help get kids excited about eating their vegetables. It is completely natural, made in the USA and comes in five tasty flavors: Creamy Ranch, Cheesy Cheddar, Savory Bacon, Zesty Southwest, and Cool Buffalo.

Homestyle Salsa from Rojo's Salsa

This fresh-cut salsa is based on a time-honored family recipe and delivers authentic Mexican flavors and homemade taste—just as if you made it yourself, only more convenient. With a combination of chunky cut and fine diced fresh tomatoes, onions, and chiles, Rojo’s Homestyle Salsa offers tremendous versatility. Enough body with the right-sized tomato chunks to stick to a chip, but equally perfect as a cooking ingredient to make flavorful and healthful dishes or topping for your favorite food.

Banana Milk from BANANA WAVE

Created from one of nature’s most universally-loved fruits - the banana - BANANA WAVE bananamilk is a delicious, creamy and nutrient-filled new option derived from an ancient African recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. BANANA WAVE bananamilk contains three of nature’s “superfoods” – fruit, grains and seeds – and because it begins with pure banana puree one serving contains as much potassium as a small banana as well as 29 vitamins and minerals and 1200 mg of Omega-3s.

Clean Energy Drink from Runa

Clean Energy Drink from Luna gives you love with some extra sweetness and light carbonation. It’s just the organic boost you need to feel focused, fired up, and fully alive.

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