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12 Pieces, 50 Dollars, 30 Minutes: Sushi By Bou In The Gansevoort Market

A former sushi chef at Sushi on Jones, David Bouhadana recently opened his own namesake omakase sushi counter - Sushi By Bou - in the Gansevoort Market where guests can enjoy 12 pieces of sushi for $50 in 30 minutes.

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Rated "Best 30 Under 30" by Zagat, David Bouhadana - a native of Florida - is one of the top sushi chefs in the country. He heads the newly opened Sushi By Bou in mid-May where he serves fresh, immaculate sushi behind an eight-seat counter within Meatpacking's Gansevoort Market. The standard Omakase features 12 nigiri at $50 served in 30 minutes.

Ikura, Hamachi, and Akami

Ikura, or salmon roe, is gently laid on a bed of warm sushi rice wrapped in seaweed. Fresh pieces of Hamachi and Akami, or lean piece of tuna, are rubbed with soy sauce on top of perfectly seasoned sushi rice.

Salmon, Albacore, and Botan Shrimp

Melt-in-your-mouth piece of Salmon is topped with spicy yuzu sauce, while the seared Albacore is flavored with ponzu sauce and scallion. The raw Botan Shrimp is a nice change from the typical cooked Ebi nigiri.

Toro, Uni, and Wagyu

One of the most coveted pieces of sushi, Toro - or fatty tuna - has a buttery texture. A generous amount of Uni sits atop a bed of sushi rice. The torched Wagyu beef topped with truffle salt is an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Scallop, Wagyuni, and Unagi

The grand finale trio of sushi certainly does not disappoint. The raw Scallop is sprinkled with black truffle salt, while the Wagyuni features the best of surf and turf with seared wagyu and buttery uni. Finally, the flavorful Unagi is seasoned with slightly sweet glaze, wrapped in seaweed, and dusted with sesame seeds.

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